Second Rules Draft.

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Second Rules Draft.  Empty Second Rules Draft.

Post  Skirax on Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:03 am

The Rules of the Forum.

1. NO ‘Leet’ or Chat speak – this is in reference to things such as LOL, ROFL, and CBA. There is no maximum amount of chat words allowed per post, however I trust you all to make a decent judgement of what is and is not appropriate in a post.
2. No gross excess – this is in reference to things such as pictures and offensive comments. Such things are allowed in moderation, unless specifically stated as BANNED.
3. No insults – this could not be clearer. Never insult anyone on this board. People come to this website to review the latest news regarding the club and ask for people’s advice on certain things, such as models or stories. They do not come to be ridiculed or insulted.
4. No irrelevant posts – this is in reference to threads such as a rant at a certain person or to scapegoat another person/race (This includes Warhammer icons such as the Emperor or the Orks, but also includes real life people such as Osama bin Laden).
5. No offensive language – this is a tie-in to the No Insults rule, as any offensive language aimed at a person or icon is completely and utterly banned. Any form of swearing will be reprimanded, censored or otherwise.
6. Over posting - please try and keep from double and triple posting, as it can take up bandwidth, thus slowing down the pages with unnecessary posts.

Any who shall break my judgement shall feel my wrath, and I shall visit such destruction upon him that he shall wish he had never turned his back to me.

Second Rules Draft.  Inquis11

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