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Short Battlefleet scene Empty Short Battlefleet scene

Post  Wills on Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:35 pm

Immediately the scanners went wild, the light reached every corner of the bridge, Skars face lit up as he saw his opposition stream into his eyes. With every sweep on his scanner, a new wave of vessels sped towards his fleet.
“All hands man their stations! RED ALERT!” Roared Skar, as officers rushed around to their posts. Every second went by the enemy fleet edged closer, their battle line filled the skies, as Skar’s battleship came to a full stop, flanked by his two wing-cruisers.
“Admiral Skar to all fleet, Chaos vessels sighted, all weapons open-fire on my mark!” Skar commanded down his vox-radio. From his seat on the bridge, he could see waves of small frigates stream towards the mine fields and the outer defence lasers beyond them. Skar’s small fleet lined up on his sides, frigates and cruisers came to a full stop behind him, ready to fire every last plasma solution into the hull of a chaos vessel.
The defence lasers lit up the firing lines, ricocheting explosions off the approaching wave. Smaller ships were being blasted apart as their shields failed to protect them, while larger cruisers returned fire, creating small gaps in the defence. With each vessel destroyed, a new one took it’s place, winding it’s way round mines, laser, floating debris and explosions the size of the ships themselves. A small group of red, tainted, frigates broke through the field, pummelling out lances into the defence lasers. One by one, the helpless space stations fell, and the chaos fleet leaked through.
Skar picked the opportunity to halt their advance, his planet was not going to be victim to the Chaos God’s will.
“All ships, launch ordnance on your closest target!” Screamed Skar. Torpedo bays burst into action, releasing wave after wave of warheads, ready to tear the chaos fleet in half. Skar’s view of the Chaos fleet was somewhat hindered, as torpedo engines filled his viewing screen. They started to disappear into the distance, where the Chaos fleets emerged from the war zone amongst their own wrecked hulks. A moments silence, before the battle line once again filled up explosions of torpedo warheads colliding with Chaos vessels, spraying debris, ash, and other vessels in every direction. A grim smirk spread across Skar’s face, his eyes lit up at the sight of a destroyed fleet, especially one swept off the face of the galaxy by himself. Impaling hulls exited the firing zone, breaking up the explosions, fire radiated in and around the fleet, propelled torpedoes colliding with large debris.
“My lord! New contacts! Portside, just outside weapons range.” shouted the Coms officer. Skar glared at his monitor, not only were the fleet directly ahead continuing attacking, but a smaller fleets of frigates were heading directly for the planet.
“They’re trying to drop troops down! Turn this vessel around, we will pluck them from the skies ourselves!” Skar replied with a courageous roar. “Skar to all ships, replace my bearings, I am heading for the battle group portside of our position!” The battleship swung round on it’s axis, aiming towards the flanking fleet. An Imperial cruiser, Hand of Vengeance, moved forwards to take it’s place, letting another wave of torpedoes pump into the enemy position.
Skar’s vessel, Angel’s Tear, halted inside weapon range of the planet-side ships.
“Weapons officer, bring us about, let them taste our batteries as if the emperor himself were throwing a tantrum!”. A simple head nod, and the ship turned again, displaying their batteries directly to the enemy.
“My lord, we’re not turning fast enough, the vessels have fire…” The words of the officer were lost as the ship swung, shook and creaked from warheads smashing into their hull. The crew instinctively braced, their work halted.
“Stand up! Fire those batteries now, bring the turrets online!” Ordered Skar. The Angel’s tear finished it’s move, and fired all their batteries. The plasma solutions burst from the gun ports, slinging towards the small frigates they awaited their dreaded impact.
“Let the scum of the skies feel our emperors wrath!” Screamed Skar repeatedly at the weapons officer. The monitors were bleeping constantly with new ships arriving at the other side of the battle, Skar was promptly aware that if he did not finish his job here, he would have no fleet left to defend. Wave after wave, volley after volley, the frigates fell, colliding and imploding from the firepower pumped into them. The frigates soon could not be seen, the explosions replaced their dammed souls with ease, warhead after warhead set off a new continuation of explosions. Skar repeated the firing until he was certain, that the only thing left behind his wall of blazing infernos was the wrecked hulls of chaos ships.
Knowing he had defeated them, he ordered the engine room to turn the ship round starboard, to continue the rain of destruction upon his foe.
A sense of doubt overcame Skar, his scanners were blind and he knew that once his viewing screen could view his previous battle, he may have no fleet left. He sat, awaiting the horror he had prepared for. Nothing came.
“Where is there fleet?” Demanded Skar openly.
“My Lord, all scanners are blind, our fleet reports that their first wave was destroyed from a volley of nova cannons, but no one reported any destroyed capital ships, we knew there were some approaching us.” Replied the coms officer. “Hold on my lord, I’ll attempt to fix the scanners, but the Chaos may have embedded an EMP device or targeted our scanners with some chaos power, anything sir, but be ready for another attack.”
Skar smiled, he knew the situation much clearer now. His ship entered the fleets midst, no ship had been damaged, they had all reloaded their ordinance and repaired their shields.
“I need a kill count, I did not notice how many ships there were.” Commanded Skar.
“Calculating now Admiral” Came an insignificant voice form the bridge, it certainly wasn’t an officer; Skar cared not, he just wanted to know the extent of his victory.
“My Lord, eighteen frigates, and two cruisers have been totalled. I will evaluate our losses for you my lord.” Came the same voice again.
“Good work.” Skar replied comfortably. He was intrigued by this young voice, he was working well, better than previous bridge crewmen. He stared around the bridge as crew were working away at statistics and repairs, giving orders to individuals and commanding smaller sectors of the ship, to bring them to optimum capacity. He could not see this youth.
“We lost a total of nine defence lasers, plus our minefield, which has been disabled and partially destroyed.” Came the exact same voice. Skar looked directly at the source of the voice, he noticed a man standing upright working at a monitor.
“You.” Ordered Skar. The youth had a tall, middle body, handsome and well built, he’d obviously been handpicked for Skar’s ship. The youth stared back in astonishment.
“y-yes sir?” replied the crewman, shocked at the admirals interest in him.
The Admiral froze his glare on him, he needed to reward him, remind him to keep on working like that, and influence the other crewmen.
“Double rations, get back to work” He snapped. The youth didn’t think twice, just continued working, letting a small smile stretch across his face.
The scanners suddenly burst into life, scans swept across the monitor as the system was searched for any vessel signatures. There was nothing, at least - nothing yet.


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