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Post  ninja banana on Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:33 pm

Basically me and Jacob have designed a new mode for 40k. Basically the defender chooses 5 HQs, no special characters, worth up to 150 points each, using a maximum of 2 codexes. They then survive against a rival army list (a swarm army or chaos daemons is recommended) of 500pts consisting only of troops and HQs worth 100pts or less which is sent out of a piece of scenery (like a portal, tomb entrance, landing pad etc) to attack the HQs, the HQs start the game in their base which is a 2 storey building in the center of the board. The game or wave lasts until either the attacking army is destroyed or the HQs are all knocked down (explained later) or dead. If the wave is defeated then another army list is designed using the same codex, this time 550 points. 50 points is added to the attacking army list every wave to show an ever growing tide assaulting the defenders until they are eventually defeated. You can decide a set number of waves to defeat for the defenders to win or play until the defenders are all defeated. All HQs gain a bonus to every stat apart from leadership, toughness and their armor save. Also at the end of every wave each HQ heals a wound (HQs with multiple members like imperial guard command squads may choose to heal a wound on a multiple wound model or regain a member of the unit on 1 wound)
Being knocked down
If a character is reduced to one wound then they are knocked down and are wounded are knocked out. If this happens then lay the model down on its base to represent this, they cannot do anything but gain a 2+ cover save and a 3+ invulnerable save. They only way to get the character back to normal is for another character to pick up the wounded HQ and carry them back to your base. To do this another HQ must be within 2 inches of the wounded character to pick him up. He must then carry the wounded model to the defenders base and place him inside. The HQ carrying the wounded character gains slow and purposeful while carrying his wounded teammate. Once the wounded character is inside the base he may come out next turn with one wound or wait until the end of the wave and come out at the beginning of the next wave with full wounds (with HQs that have multiple members like imperial guard command squads only the squad leader gains this ability, the rest are removed as casualties)

Additional choices for the horde
Every odd wave the horde gains a single elite choice (excluding waves ending in a five)
Every even wave the horde gains a single fast attack choice
Every wave ending in a five the horde gains a single heavy support choice
Every tenth wave the horde may have a HQ worth any amount of points

obviously you don't have to start at wave 1, you can start off at a later wave to challenge the defenders

any comments and questions welcome

ninja banana
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