The Return of the Emperor

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The Return of the Emperor Empty The Return of the Emperor

Post  Skirax on Mon Oct 04, 2010 1:25 pm

The watcher raised his head, a faint glow coming from the Emperor's chest...
It waxed and waned in random motions for several moments, before falling into a repetitive motion...
It seemed familiar, and yet so easily forgotten...
It was the beat of life itself.
It was a Heart beat.
The watcher scrambled to his feet, cloak falling to the floor like a waterfall of black cloth. His long hair was caked in sweat and greese, his vigil long and eternal, and it fell in droved around his head.
The Emperor's body was glowing all across now, and a pair of white globes were forming in his eye sockets.
Waxy material fell across his bones, and a soft groan came from his throat as muscles reformed.
A blinding flash of light filled the hole room, and the watcher was left stunned.
When the light abbated, the Emperor was standing there, resplendant in his glory and majesty, and the watcher wept at the sight, for his dream was true.
Then the Emperor looked at the watcher, and smiled. He uttered two simple words, but they were words that changed the course of Human history forever;


The Emperor
The Emperor

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