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BFG battle report

Post  Wills on Thu May 27, 2010 2:47 pm

I had a small game with a friend tonight. He had an old chaos fleet, i told him to bring it to play. His fleet was much larger than mine, but we thought it'd be fun to play anyway. I had imperial fleet, he had chaos traitor fleet. The battle was fought on an open battlefield with a nebula and small asteroid field.
Imperial Fleet:
Dictator class cruiser 'Hand of Vengeance'
Dominator class cruiser 'Angels Tear'
Firestorm class frigate 'Firebird'
Firestorm class frigate 'Star Catcher;
Cobra class destroy 'Pilgrim of descent'

Chaos fleet:
Slaughter class cruiser 'Terrorstorm'
Slaughter class cruiser 'Arrow of torment'
Slaughter class cruiser 'Doomscream'
Slaughter class cruiser 'Sadistic Torture'
idolator class frigate
idolator class frigate
idolator class frigate
idolator class frigate
idolator class frigate
idolator class frigate
idolator class frigate

He believed his frigates were so weak they weren't name-worthy :/

We roled for leadership on each ship, and i had greater leadership with 'angels tear'. so i went first.
Turn 1
I deployd my cruisers side by side witht eh destroyer inbetween, the two frigates on one side ready to flank. I moved maximum distance with 'angels tear'(as dominators were amazing in close-range) and my two frigates were moved directly towards 'sadistic torture' on his front lines. My destroyer open fired torpedoes along with 'hand of vengeance', creating a wall between them and the enemy. This means that they can not move through the torpedo markers without getting severly hit. I shot 'angels tear' and brought down the shields of two idolator class frigates.

The chaos fleet then engaged 'angels tear' with all four cruisers, and sent their frigate off to destroy my second cruiser. he took down my shield on 'angles tear' and slightly damaged it. He fired zero torpedoes and his frigates were very close to my destroyer.

Turn 2
I turned my frigates round and open fired their lances, damaging 'sadistic torture' even further, then that ship got a critically damaged by a torpedo fired earlier, and magnificantly exploded. 'angels tear' fought off the 3 cruisers, sustaining no damage, but moving slightly into a better position to concentrate fire next turn. 'Hand of vengeance' released bombers escorted by fighters to engage the front frigates, destroying one in a single run, and sustaining damage from turrets of the second. 'Pilgrim of descent' reloading his torpedos and open fired on the firgates yet again.

The chaos fleet frigates engaged and destroyed all my fighter and bomber, and got a few lance shots at 'hand of vengeance', but only took down sheilds. The 3 cruisers crippled 'angels tear' and blasted one of my frigates in a single volley of weapon batteries! Slaughter class cruisers are amazing in close range, that is all they're made for choppin up any enemy with some of the most powerful weapon batteries in the game.

Turn 3
I used full speed ahead and escaped the combat with 'angels tear', hiding inside a nebula. 'firebird', the last frigate, retreated back to the 'hand of vengeance'. 'Pilgrim of descent' destroyed another frigate with it's torpedoes and 'hand of vengeance' open fired it's lances and weapon batteries, destroyed another. Only a few remained now, so i was almost clear of that threat.

The chaos frigates attempted a ramming action against the 'hand of venegance', sacrificing both frigates and crippling the cruiser a lot. The crusier could not long move anwhere and it's weapons were below half strength now. The 3 cruiser open fired and crippled my frigate and destroyer a hell of a lot too. My fleet was sitting there with their pants down to the chaos cruisers, they had no sheilds and little firepower to even destroy or damage one cruiser.

Turn 4
I grouped my crippled ships together near the asteroid field, where they had some shelter from long range fire, but they would not last long enough to repair some weapons and fight. i decided to bring my slightly repaired(not at all really) 'angels tear' back out the nebula to buy some time. I wanted to shoot them and damage at least oen to allow the rest of ym fleet to either escape, repair, or grind down the enemy slowly. Instead, i remembered my prow nova cannon aboard the 'angels tear' and fired that(it is a small blast template that takes D6 hits off a ship, small blast templates are massive in gothic). It hit two of the three ships, taking 4 hits off each. They only had 8 hits, so they were crippled, and together, could not have enough firepwoer to finish me off that next turn. Blasts were scattered everywhere, and if they moved through the explosion then they would probably get destroyed.

The chaos moved the best cruiser towards my fleet and destroyed the other frigate. The two other cruisers did their best at range and brought the sheilds to zero on the 'angels tear'. thats all.

Turn 5
I decided to shoot back with every weapon i had. I unfortuneately got some bad roles here and did nothing, not even my torpedos managed to get a hit. the entire of my fleet had to move and unfrotuneately, close to the chaos fleet(as i was surrounded)

The 3 cruisers all fired on 'hand of vengeance' and finished it outright, leaving a huge explosions marker and a lonely destroyer as victim next turn.

Turn 6
I decided that i would not last, so i had to make a desperate defence to try and kill off a cruiser and continue a fight. 'angels tear' managed to use weapon battery after weapon battery to bring down the shields of one chaos cruiser, i think it was the 'arrow of torment'. The destroyer then open fired torpedoes at point blanc range, destroyed it utterly. This explosions though was catastophic and took the destroyer with it, along with the sheilds of another cruiser.

The chaos cruisers turned round to devour 'angels tear', the best ship in my fleet. they shot, but the range between the ships was too great, and all missed or pinged off my prow.

rest of the game
I decided to go down fighting, 'angels tear' has always succeeded in games and i wasn't about to ruin that status. I halted the engines to allow more power to my portside weapon batteries. I open fired and brought the unsheilded cruiser to 1 hit left. It was crippled, it;'s engines knocked out. It counted as drifting and managed to block line of sight during the chaos turn. when it was my round of shootign again, everything failed. I had stayed still, letting myself be an easier target, and best chaos cruiser, 'terrorstorm', claimed the kill, but not that spectaculary, as the 'angles tear' suffered no critical damage hits and remained a drifting hulk.

Clearly, the chaos had a bad tactic, inseatd of going for my flagship with the frigates, wher ei could not target all of them well enough with one ship, he sent the frigates to my larger battlegroup where they got demolished(at a cost). I think 'terrorstorm' played well, that cruiser sustained minimal damage and actually destroyed the 'firebird' and 'angels tear'.

if we played normal rules, he won, but kills, i won, he had more ships to kill though, and 6 of them were weak ships. I think the most epic moment was when the crippled 'angels tear' emerged from the nebula, as the chaos player(saying no names) was boasting how his slaughter class cruisers would destroy me witihn a turn. Then i cripple two of his ships with one quick shot from a nova cannon.


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Re: BFG battle report

Post  ZAFT on Fri May 28, 2010 1:11 am

Does BFG stand for Big Friendly Giant?

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Re: BFG battle report

Post  Cat =^.^= on Fri May 28, 2010 12:30 pm

battlefleet gothic lol
Cat =^.^=

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Re: BFG battle report

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